2014 People Powered $10K Challenge from The Laundromat Project on Vimeo.


Incorporated in 2005, The Laundromat Project brings socially relevant and socially engaged arts programming to laundromats and other community spaces to amplify the creativity that already exists within neighborhoods.

We envision a world in which artists are understood as valuable assets in every community and everyday people know the power of their own creative capacity to transform their lives, their relationships, and their surroundings.

This November, we launch our second annual People Powered $10K Challenge, a grassroots fundraiser where our friends ask 10 people to give $10 or more, all within 10 days. Together, we’ll raise $10,000 or more for People Powered art across NYC, and beyond!

Please help us celebrate 10 years of programs by donating $10 or more. Thanks for watching!