Project Type: Educational

  • Bronx Zine Machine

    Bronx Zine Machine

    Bronx Zine Machine uses writing, and drawing prompts to explore complex issues and produce a series of self-published magazines. Each participant created unique zines during the workshops, and exchange them with other participants. Participants were also encouraged to share and exchange their stories with loved ones by mail. A final zine was created in collaboration…

  • Vine pa’ echar candela, Young Lords office

    Vine pa’ echar candela, Young Lords office

    Vine pa’ echar candela, is an artistic reinterpretation inspired by the Bronx office of the Young Lords in collaboration with curator Johanna Fernández. The “office” connects past and present with photos by Michael Abramson and Fred W. McDarrah from the Young Lords original office and new banners with Young Lords’ symbols. In the installation there are books…

  • EAsT Harlem

    EAsT Harlem

    Photo documentation by: Barbara Sullivan Text by Curator Christine Licata “EAsT Harlem,” a collaborative multimedia, curatorial-art-project that investigates alternative solutions to the on-going problem of fresh food access in East Harlem, NYC. One of the main issues in healthy eating is accessibility – knowing where to find alternatives and having choices and options. In response to…

  • Center for Urban Pedagogy (C.U.P.)

    Center for Urban Pedagogy (C.U.P.)

    Collaborations with the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s (CUP) Urban Investigations: The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that uses design and art to improve public participation in shaping the places where we all live. We do this by creating visually-based educational tools that demystify urban policy and planning issues. CUP’s Urban Investigations programs ask…

  • Bronx Museum Teen Council

    Bronx Museum Teen Council

    Created in 2005, the Bronx Museum Teen Council makes contemporary art and culture accessible to urban youth through a series of different platforms. Structured around the production of MuseCasts, video productions available on YouTube, and MuseZines, a small publication, Teen Council is comprised of a group of high school students working closely with two instructors…

  • Framing Conversations / Traveling Poem

    Framing Conversations / Traveling Poem

    These projects are part of the installation Anywhere but here… In Framing Conversations I played the role of a photography instructor doing a workshop with predominantly Latin American immigrants in Amsterdam, NL. We exchanged knowledge, I talked and taught ideas, techniques and tips about photography and they talked about their experiences as immigrants.

  • Communications Project

    Communications Project

    Communications Project: TUTV-Puerto Rico’s Platform for Arts, Media and Community Development. Communications Project promoted new pathways for community-based learning development. The Project conducts workshops in drama, photography, graphic design, radio, and video in communities throughout Puerto Rico. People of all ages develop in our sessions texts, stories, images, and sounds that convey feelings, interests, hopes…

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