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  • Streets for Culture

    Streets for Culture

    Join us for a roundtable discussion on shaping future streets for culture with Hatuey Ramos-Fermín, Jennifer Nitzky, Elena Ketelsen González, and Streets Ahead Culture Working Group members.

  • Streets Ahead Working Groups

    Streets Ahead Working Groups

    In the Fall of 2021, ​​Urban Design Forum’s Streets Ahead convened interdisciplinary Working Groups made up of our Forum Fellows to advance a set of visionary proposals and tools for a more vibrant, equitable streetscape.

  • Power After the Pandemic: Rebuilding our Post-Covid Cities

    Power After the Pandemic: Rebuilding our Post-Covid Cities

    “While I’m organizing at the legislative level and pushing my colleagues, I’m also funneling information that’s helpful to the ground for the work that [organizers are] doing, and we’re coordinating, and they’re pushing on the outside while I’m pushing on the inside. [I’m] really seeing that develop as part of a larger movement and being…

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