WNYC mentions Transmit – Transit

WNYC art critic Carolina A. Miranda included Transmit – Transit as part of the must see at El Museo del Barrio’s S-Files Biennial.

Quote from her article:

“One of the more stunning pieces in El Museo’s biennial is this sculpture by Hatuey Ramos-Fermín, which explores the working lives of livery cab drivers in East Harlem.”

Check out the slide show here.




Bienal: The (S) Files at El Museo del Barrio Biennials tend to be hit-and-miss affairs, broad surveys of everythingness that don’t amount to much in the end. That makes this year’s “Bienal” of Latino and Latin American artists at the Museo del Barrio a nice surprise — it’s tightly held together by a theme that focuses on the street. This includes pieces by known street and graffiti artists (such as Cope2 and Lady Pink), as well as works that explore various aspects of street culture, from the disconcerting sight of a car roof emerging straight out of the gallery floor to D.I.Y. instruments crafted out of found objects. In the latter category, don’t miss the hacked together turntables produced by Thessia Machado, which create beats and scrapes through the strategic placement of junk. This year’s biennial will also feature various off-site installations and performances — including an event at the Socrates Sculpture Park, in Queens, this Sunday at 5 P.M. Check the Web site for all the listings. Through January 8, on the Upper East Side.


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