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  • Bronx Zine Machine

    Bronx Zine Machine

    Bronx Zine Machine uses writing, and drawing prompts to explore complex issues and produce a series of self-published magazines. Each participant created unique zines during the workshops, and exchange them with other participants. Participants were also encouraged to share and exchange their stories with loved ones by mail. A final zine was created in collaboration with the artist.

  • Messages to go…

    Messages to go…

    Messages to go…, Hatuey Ramos-Fermín interviewed Essex Street Market’s vendors, learning about their experiences as business owners and documenting their unique perspectives on the role of the market within its neighborhood, the Lower East Side, NYC. Quotes from these interviews, featured on reusable shopping bags designed by Ramos-Fermín in consultation with vendors, are available to […]

  • Bronx Calling: The Third A.I.M. Biennial

    Bronx Calling: The Third A.I.M. Biennial

    Curated by Bronx-based artists Hatuey Ramos-Fermín and Laura Napier, Bronx Calling: The Third AIM Biennial features the work of seventy-two emerging artists engaged in the Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) Program from the Bronx Museum of the Arts (classes of 2014 and 2015). AIM provides professional development opportunities for emerging artists residing and working in […]

  • Vine pa’ echar candela, Young Lords office

    Vine pa’ echar candela, Young Lords office

    Vine pa’ echar candela, is an artistic reinterpretation inspired by the Bronx office of the Young Lords in collaboration with curator Johanna Fernández. The “office” connects past and present with photos by Michael Abramson and Fred W. McDarrah from the Young Lords original office and new banners with Young Lords’ symbols. In the installation there are books […]

  • Boogie on the Boulevard

    Boogie on the Boulevard

    Streets are the biggest public space in New York City. Nevertheless, these are mostly used for vehicular traffic. Boogie on the Boulevard re-imagines how a street, in this case, Grand Concourse in The Bronx, can be transformed into a different kind of public space for pedestrians, people on wheels, and the community.  This project began […]

  • Process and Progress

    Process and Progress

    Process and Progress: Brooke Singer, SLO Architecture, NYC Department of City Planning, 596 Acres, Bronx River Art Center’s Teen Project Studio Exhibition curated by Hatuey Ramos-Fermín for the Bronx River Art Center highlights strategies employed by architects, artists, urban planners, neighborhood activists, and local youth to articulate and improve the environmental and infrastructure challenges that […]

  • Process and Progress: The Bronx River

    Process and Progress: The Bronx River

    Process and Progress: The Bronx River was produced in a partnership between Meta Local Collaborative & the Bronx River Alliance. It included an exhibition and a series of public programs focusing on the past, the present, and the future of the Bronx River. Meta Local installed at the Bronx River Art Center, a large timeline with […]

  • Oceans / Golden TearDrop (Thong Yod)

    Oceans / Golden TearDrop (Thong Yod)

    A multimedia exhibition, featuring video interviews, found and appropriated footage, photographs, a map, a cooking workshop, and a recipe that were  shared along side food, and live music performances. OCEANS / GOLDEN TEARDROP (THONG YOD) uses personal histories and collective memories on a journey from the past to the present in cultural exchanges. What are […]

  • Mind the Gap / La Brecha

    Mind the Gap / La Brecha

    This project is part of meta local collaborative Mind the Gap/La Brecha is a temporary art and education hub located at the Blue and White Laundromat on 140st Street in the Bronx. From July-October, 2012, Elizabeth Hamby and Hatuey Ramos-Fermín will work with their neighbors to propose new ways of connecting the community to green […]

  • Conversing Bricks

    Conversing Bricks

    The Conversing Bricks (2012) public art project emerged from a campaign waged by anti-immigrant groups back in 2006 that sent thousands of bricks to members of Congress who opposed the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the United States and were in favored of comprehensive immigration reform. The bricks contained messages like, “Build a Wall,” […]

  • Boogie Down Rides

    Boogie Down Rides

    This project is part of meta local collaborative. Boogie Down Rides is a celebration of bicycling in the Bronx. It includes educational events, community visioning sessions, and group rides. Boogie Down Rides increases awareness of cycling as a mode of transportation and recreation, promote safe cycling, and bridge existing efforts to expand cycling in the Bronx. […]

  • A Post(al) Colonial Correspondence

    A Post(al) Colonial Correspondence

    This Project was commissioned by the The third edition of the Trienal Poligráfica de San Juan América Latina y el Caribe, 2012 entitled the Panal/ The Hive. Photo documentation by Hatuey Ramos-Fermín & Carlos Ruíz-Valarino “The purpose of mail art, an activity shared by many artists throughout the world, is to establish an aesthetical communication […]

  • While the Bronx was Burning, Casa Amadeo was holding it down

    While the Bronx was Burning, Casa Amadeo was holding it down

    This project is part of meta local collaborative. Photo Documentation by Jo Q Nelson, Chad Stayrook and Hatuey Ramos-Fermín While the Bronx was Burning, Casa Amadeo was holding it down was a multi-modal installation and series of public programs. This project was produced collaboratively by Elizabeth Hamby, Hatuey Ramos-Fermín, and  Action Club  (Chris Domenick, Kerry Downey, Jo Q. Nelson, Douglas Paulson), as part […]

  • Together Work

    Together Work

    This project is part of meta local collaborative. Collaborating artists Jules Rochielle (text), Elizabeth Hamby (image) Hatuey Ramos Fermín (text treatment). This project was part of Pacific Standard Time Art in L.A. 1945-1980. Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, LA>Tower of Protest (1966). Originally conceived by the Los Angeles Artists’ Protest Committee, and designed by Mark di Suvero, the […]

  • Street CARTographies

    Street CARTographies

    This project is part of meta local collaborative. “Maps are about relationships among which meanings circulate.” Denis Wood, Rethinking the Power of Maps More than half of the world’s population are classified as “urban dwellers,” but their experience is hardly unified. For example, drastic socio-economic disparity and unequal access to resources occur in startling proximity in dense urban areas. Further, […]

  • EAsT Harlem

    EAsT Harlem

    Photo documentation by: Barbara Sullivan Text by Curator Christine Licata “EAsT Harlem,” a collaborative multimedia, curatorial-art-project that investigates alternative solutions to the on-going problem of fresh food access in East Harlem, NYC. One of the main issues in healthy eating is accessibility – knowing where to find alternatives and having choices and options. In response to […]

  • Hubs and Spokes Conversations

    Hubs and Spokes Conversations

    Using the hubs and spokes model this podcast series created bridges, nodes, networks and exchanges within, outside, and/or disparate geographies, disciplines, ideas, topics and interests. Hubs and spokes aims to generate meaningful conversations and audio experiments exploring the intersections of art, design and life. This project was based at the space of the former Bronx […]

  • Transmit – Transit

    Transmit – Transit

    Text by  artist-curator Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga “Ramos Fermín has engaged in deconstructing an element of local space to investigate just one detail of modernity and globalization.  He has not done so as a traditional artist, walking the streets of the Bronx, getting lost in the vernacular of the city to generate creative musings that reflect one […]

  • Refashioning Moda

    Refashioning Moda

    Fashion Moda’s founder Stefan Eins maintains that art “can happen anywhere and that it can be appreciated and made by people who are known and unknown, trained and untrained, rich and poor.” REFASHIONING: MODA was a tribute exhibition (September 18 – 27, 2009) created by Bronx-based artist Hatuey Ramos-Fermín in response to an invitation to […]

  • Center for Urban Pedagogy (C.U.P.)

    Center for Urban Pedagogy (C.U.P.)

    Collaborations with the Center for Urban Pedagogy’s (CUP) Urban Investigations: The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that uses design and art to improve public participation in shaping the places where we all live. We do this by creating visually-based educational tools that demystify urban policy and planning issues. CUP’s Urban Investigations programs ask […]

  • No Deliveries Today

    No Deliveries Today

    Collaboration with artist Miryana Todorova ‘No Deliveries Today Part II’ by Miryana Todorova from Miryana Todorova on Vimeo. ‘No Deliveries Today Part III’ by Miryana Todorova from Miryana Todorova on Vimeo. A series of boxes are continually loaded, unloaded and moved from one place to another on a cart. The normally mundane job takes center stage […]

  • Bronx Museum Teen Council

    Bronx Museum Teen Council

    Created in 2005, the Bronx Museum Teen Council makes contemporary art and culture accessible to urban youth through a series of different platforms. Structured around the production of MuseCasts, video productions available on YouTube, and MuseZines, a small publication, Teen Council is comprised of a group of high school students working closely with two instructors […]

  • Framing Conversations / Traveling Poem

    Framing Conversations / Traveling Poem

    These projects are part of the installation Anywhere but here… In Framing Conversations I played the role of a photography instructor doing a workshop with predominantly Latin American immigrants in Amsterdam, NL. We exchanged knowledge, I talked and taught ideas, techniques and tips about photography and they talked about their experiences as immigrants.

  • Anywhere but here…

    Anywhere but here…

    For the site-specific installation, I used banana boxes and different videos in order to relate the history of the building itself into the presentation. (The Las Palmas building used to be the warehouse of the Holland-America Cruise Line. After the Second World War there was a massive migration from Europe to America from the pier […]

  • Goodwill


    In the series entitled Goodwill (2003-2007) I made straightforward photographic documentation of neglected or abandoned buildings, houses, among other decayed structures. I made visual connections with different urban places (San Juan/PR, Amsterdam/NL, New York City/USA, Istanbul,TR) in predominantly immigrants’ neighborhoods. The pictures show an indeterminate state of urban planning, where things are uncertain. Their transient […]

  • The walls of my skin are the limits of my home (Benito Banana)

    The walls of my skin are the limits of my home (Benito Banana)

    This project is part of the installation Anywhere but here… This project consists of a creation of a fictional character, Benito Banana, that appears and communicates as a web blog and in the city streets interacting with people and places. He is the personification of a satirical migrant character that reflects on migration. The phrase […]

  • Coexistence


    Coexistence is a project is part of the installation Anywhere but here… From the year 2000 until 2008, two different cultures shared the same place, each weekend they transform it in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Mansiones de Todo Bien

    Mansiones de Todo Bien

    The documentary photographs that form part of this portfolio are from the series Mansion de Todo Bien, (Mansion of all Good) from 2003-2005 taken in different towns of Puerto Rico. This selection is part of archive of over one thousand pictures and they were curated by Adriana Teresa Hernández. The title refers to a line of […]

  • Communications Project

    Communications Project

    Communications Project: TUTV-Puerto Rico’s Platform for Arts, Media and Community Development. Communications Project promoted new pathways for community-based learning development. The Project conducts workshops in drama, photography, graphic design, radio, and video in communities throughout Puerto Rico. People of all ages develop in our sessions texts, stories, images, and sounds that convey feelings, interests, hopes […]