Making Art, Building Community, & Creating Change through Abundance (exhibition)

In the context of the Hindsight 2020 conference, I curated an exhibition celebrating 5 years of the Kelly Street Collaborative.

From 2014-2019, The Laundromat Project collaborated with Workforce Housing Group, Kelly Street Garden, Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, among other community based organizations, to transform a two-bedroom apartment and surrounding public spaces on Kelly Street in the Longwood neighborhood in the South Bronx, into a thriving creative community hub named the Kelly Street Collaborative. This exhibition celebrates 5 years of the Kelly Street Collaborative. Rooted in a history of sweat equity, and resilience, the Collaborative brought a neighborhood together through artist studios, arts & wellness workshops, events, farming, potlucks, bbq’s and community-led programming. When artists, youth, community leaders, and neighbors come together towards a collective vision, creative community building is catalyzed, bringing about meaningful transformation and wellbeing to the community.

– The Laundromat Project in partnership with Kelly Street Collaborative


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