Communications Project

Communications Project: TUTV-Puerto Rico’s Platform for Arts, Media and Community Development.

Communications Project promoted new pathways for community-based learning development. The Project conducts workshops in drama, photography, graphic design, radio, and video in communities throughout Puerto Rico. People of all ages develop in our sessions texts, stories, images, and sounds that convey feelings, interests, hopes and traditions. Each workshop produces an original play a photographic essay, paintings, sound recordings, video documentaries or fiction films. Media specialists and artists lead each lesson cycle, assisted by a team of outreach field-workers. TUTV, the television arm of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s Public Broadcasting Corporation, launched Communications Project in 2002-2006.

In this project I served as a photography instructor and curator. The main idea of this project was to empower people in different communities to document their own neighborhoods with photography. At the end of the workshops I curated selections of their photos and those were presented at community centers in their neighborhoods throughout the island.

The photos that you see in the slide show were taken by multigenerational participants of the project.


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