No Deliveries Today

Collaboration with artist Miryana Todorova

‘No Deliveries Today Part II’ by Miryana Todorova from Miryana Todorova on Vimeo.

‘No Deliveries Today Part III’ by Miryana Todorova from Miryana Todorova on Vimeo.

A series of boxes are continually loaded, unloaded and moved from one place to another on a cart. The normally mundane job takes center stage as the delivery moves at a high speed and with no clear destination. Pedestrians were forced to interact with the “moving” process while the delivery boxes continue to question: who sent them, to whom do they belong to? The boxes become a metaphor of displacement and forced social nomadism. It points the changes that render neighborhoods unrecognizable.

This Project was part of Art in Odd Places 2008

(Thanks to Jose Vargas, Daniela Kostova, Stanislava Georgieva, Jim I. Gabbe, Ivan Petrovic, David Ricart, Anne Phillips-Krug, Toby Klinger, Philip Dusel, Ivar Theorin, Jabari Owens-Bailey, Nobutaka Aozaki, Clark Stoeckley and many others.)



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