Hubs and Spokes Conversations

Using the hubs and spokes model this podcast series created bridges, nodes, networks and exchanges within, outside, and/or disparate geographies, disciplines, ideas, topics and interests. Hubs and spokes aims to generate meaningful conversations and audio experiments exploring the intersections of art, design and life.

This project was based at the space of the former Bronx Blue Bedroom Project in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. Nevertheless, this is a mobile traveling project that creates hubs in different locales.
This is the only episode that was published

The South Bronx Filter

There has been a series of articles about the South Bronx art scene written over the last years and they talk about the South Bronx art world as if all were one homogeneous art district. How does the “outside” world perceives the art production versus what goes on in the South Bronx? What is the perspective of local artists? Is there such a thing as an art community? Various artists and cultural producers tackle these and other questions in the first of the Hubs and Spokes Conversations Series.

curator: Laura Napier

moderator: Elizabeth Hamby

guests: Welfare Poets & Spanic Attack


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