Mansiones de Todo Bien

The documentary photographs that form part of this portfolio are from the series Mansion de Todo Bien, (Mansion of all Good) from 2003-2005 taken in different towns of Puerto Rico. This selection is part of archive of over one thousand pictures and they were curated by Adriana Teresa Hernández.

The title refers to a line of the poem called Tierruca (1912) from the Puerto Rican poet Virgilio Davila. This poem is about the exaltation of the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. The line which refers to the title is as follows, …Es Borinquen la mansion de todo bien. …Borinquen is the mansion of all good. (Borinquen is the name the indigenous Tainos gave to the island of Puerto Rico before the Spanish colonizers arrived.) Inspired by the work of photographers Jack Delano and William Eggleston this series is a straight forward historical documentation of the beginning of the twenty first century Puerto Rico.


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